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Practical tools take you from desire to reality

We have systematic frameworks for addressing these questions and use The Institute’s 10-P Model to cover all the bases. You can learn more about how this is done by clicking on the elements in the hexagonal diagram.

The following classes are available. Each encompasses aspects described below.

100 - Foundations
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Reading List

  • Training resources include a number of books:
  • Consultant Training Manual
  • Business Unlimited
  • Convergence
  • LEMON Leadership
  • A number of assorted booklets

Check out our books on The Institute website.


The Training Agenda

The number and location of Training PODS will vary. Whether the training is conducted on a 13, 26 or 39-week format, the Agenda will comprise:

  • Video teaching on The 10-Ps (followed by facilitated discussions),
  • Videos and discussions on secondary topics, and
  • Applied Learning exercises.

Training is beginning in Nigeria See the Training Schedule here.

In addition, trainees get an introduction to Convergence and LEMON Leadership, including personal development assessments.


The Institute Portal

The Institute Portal is the repository for all Assessments and Scorecards for students and clients of The Institute.  Once you enroll in training, you'll be provided a username/password to give you access to assessments and scorecarding tools that take you from theory to practical application. The portal will continue to be there whenever you need to access any assessments or scorecards throughout the course of the training.  Even after completing the training, you'll always have access to your own personal assessments.


Training includes access to a number of assessments.
They include:

  •  10-F Assessment
  • Where Does the Time Go?
  • LEMON Leadership

our assessments can be accessed on The Institute Portal.



I-Learning is your online classroom for all your rēp training.  Once enrolled in the rēp training you'll be given access to a class, assignment calendar, and messaging system to communicate with fellow trainees and instructors.  Additionally, i-Learning has an online resource section with reading materials, business assessment templates, and more to foster your development. 

Meet The Trainers

Each of our trainers is certified by The Institute and has many years of experience in corporate, business, and/or academic arenas.  Each one also has a practical faith and has committed themselves to applying what they have learned through rēp.

Throughout the course of training you'll be given the opportunity to experience a variety of  training styles and engaging stories to enrich your learning with professional quality and a personal touch.


Am I on track? How is my business doing?  Scorecarding is the primary evaluation tool in which we bridge the gap from Foundational Principles to practical application.  Using a proprietary system, you will learn to develop appropriate strategies, action items, and key performance indicators and turn them into concrete goals and track their progress.

Online Scorecards can be accessed on The Institute Portal.


The 10-P Model*

Traditionally people have thought about three or four drivers of impact: product, price, service... and one or two more, depending on the situation. At The Institute we believe there are 10. These are levers that can be pulled to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and/or positive impact of any organization, be it a business, non-profit, university or government. Not only do we consider "best practices" for each of these 10 areas, but we look into what scripture teaches about product development, marketing, human resources, planning and more. Our Consultant Training Manual has codified the Foundational Principles for each of The 10-Ps; our Assessments evaluate the extent to which organizations are aligned with such eternal principles. Trainees spend time dialoging the principles and practices suggested by the Bible.

*The 10-P Model is a registered trademark of The Institute.