What is a trainee?               

Someone who has enrolled in the Repurposing Business Trainees is usually referred to as a trainee, or Consultant in Training.

What is a Consultant?               

There is value in learning the materials; this is increased when you help someone else understand the principles of God and business. When you complete the training and head on a field trip, which we call a Venture, you will be known as a Consultant. Few of our trainees are consultants in terms of their day jobs, but it is a term that helps us communicate roles when serving clients.                          

What is a Client?                 

Our target audience is mid-market companies that have a desire to make a difference in society. Usually the management team from 10 companies attends our in-country Repurposing Business consultation, or Venture.

What is a Venture?               

Once the core training is completed trainees must participate in The Big Weekend and the Field-prep "Bootcamp" before going on a short-term (ten to twenty day) trip that brings 10 businesses into a workshop setting. There each company is matched with two consultants, ideally one from the locale, and one from "overseas." Together we teach and help these businesses implement the same truths covered in the core Repurposing Business Training. Consultants prepare a set of outputs or deliverables for their Client that, when implemented, will result in the alignment of that business with God's business. 


Who offers the training?               

The training has been developed by The Institute for Innovation, Integration & Impact, a Silicon Valley Think Tank. The training is delivered by rēp Alumni and certified trainers (POD Leaders) who have been trained by The Institute.

What are Training PODs?               

Repurposing Business training PODs are personal, on-demand, self-paced localized training classes that equip people for impact in the marketplace.  They are the next era in the rēp Training that has been run successfully since 2003.                         

What are the benefits of training PODs?                 

Training PODs can be conducted anywhere and anytime, with the same excellent core teachings, facilitated by a rēp team of alumni, and paced at the customized schedule for each class.                                                                             

Will there still be Remote Training (online format)?        

Yes, if there are fewer than five trainees in a location, trainees can join remote training which will still be run by the Core Team from The Institute.                                                

If a church or business wants to have a larger group (say 50 or 100), is this okay? 

Yes, this is great.  The Institute staff will work with you to help design a program that is as interactive as possible for all trainees.                                                                              

Where do I go to find classes offered in my area?                

For locations of PODs closest to you visit the About Us section of this website. If there is no location near you, please email pods@inst.net and we will get back to you.                                                                          

POD Leadership

Who are the POD leaders?           

POD leaders are a team of rēp alumni who have been through the Repurposing Business Training and have been trained to facilitate the course in their local area.                                                                             

What is the process for selecting a POD leader?

The POD leaders are those who have been through our POD Leader Training, personal interview with The Institute staff, completed the Readiness Assessment, and are approved by The Institute. They have generally been on a rēp Venture (a short term trip to repurpose a business).

Does an individual lead a POD?

The PODs are led by teams of people who fulfill various roles including coordination, facilitating, hospitality, prayer and administration.                

Timing, Schedule

When are the POD training classes offered?         

POD classes will be offered throughout the year: depending on the location, the schedule and duration will vary for each class.                                               

What are the options for class schedules?             

Training classes will be offered at a fast, medium and slower pace (rougly 13-week, 26-week or 40-week plans) that will meet the needs of the local trainees.

What commitment is involved signing up for the Repurposing Business Training class?   

You will need to participate in the training that could take anywhere from 100 hours (60 hours of group training and 40 hours of reading) to 160 hours… which is about four hours per module (at the outside).    


What does the training cost?      

The cost of training will vary by nation; contact us for details. Historically training in the USA has been $2,000.

Is there financial support or scholarships for those who need assistance?

For those with financial difficulties, there is a scholarship application process through Vine Associates, a non-profit with whom we partner. Scholarships are never given for the full cost of training.

The Institute support                                        

How involved is Core Team from The Institute in the training?   

The Institute staff is involved in training-the-trainers.

What are some ways The Institute supports PODs?            

The Institute Core Team will train POD Leaders, coach the Coordinators, monitor the progress of PODs, and issue certificates of completion.

Are there resources other than The Institute staff who can help?               

Yes, there are seasoned rēp alumni who can play supporting roles. This will be coordinated by The Institute. they fall into two categories: Advisors, and Fellows.                 

What is a rēp Advisor? 

An Advisor has a heart for the learning and maturing of trainees as they go through their journey of discovering what it means to be a minister in the marketplace. Advisors are personable, nurturing and able to help others grasp what they themselves have learned.                                                                                         

What is a Fellow of The Institute?              

An Institute Fellow is a seasoned alumni who has been specifically invited to assist in advising trainees (and rēp alumni who are taking other courses). Fellows have solid business experience, carry the rēp DNA, and have a specialty in a particular subject area (such as scaling business models, kingdom economics, societal transformation, or leveraging Internet technologies, to name some examples.)

Who issues the Certificates of Completion?         

The Institute issues certificates of completion for trainees who fulfilled all the requirements.