Beulah Lodge, Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa

Our Cape Town team just had the privilege of experiencing divinely inspired hospitality in action at Beulah Lodge in Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa. For those who know our own Rebecca Muir, you know to expect an extraordinary stay as she welcomes you into her new home…


In 2004 Izak de Wet, both a rep alumni client and consultant, purchased what used to be called Welwyn Lodge, located near the Old Mutual offices in Pinelands, near Cape Town in South Africa, and three years later bought the adjacent property which he subsequently converted to a second guesthouse building. Since then His Beulah Accommodation CC (trading as Beulah Lodge) has primarily served corporate clients coming into Cape Town on business, and its close proximity to the Cape Town International airport also affords it the privilege of hosting an increasing number of international business clients.  In 2010 Izak went into partnership with Rebecca Muir, who has worked with The Institute and rep for seven years in California, Indonesia and South Africa; while the property is still owned by Izak, Rebecca now owns and manages the guesthouse business.

“Beulah means to be married to God, being God’s property*.  God is the owner of the property and we are only the stewards.  We strive to be Godly stewards at Beulah.  God clearly instructed us not to enslave the property by borrowing from the bank, but we did not listen. The moment we got rid of the bonds the business took off as this was now God’s property and not the bank’s property. I know when we bought the property that Place was important to God. Beulah Lodge is situated next to the Old Mutual Insurance company’s head office (a Fortune 500 Company) and also close by one of the main Free Masonry temples in South Africa. God knows the importance of strategic positioning and place in the spiritual realm; we must just keep on stewarding.”

- Izak de Wet


Beulah Lodge provides both bed and breakfast accommodation as well as conference facilities for clients, striving to create a professional, corporate setting with a touch of ‘home away from home.’ It is also fast becoming a venue for celebration events such as significant birthdays, baby showers and bridal showers.  Each of its seven-member team enjoys meeting with guests and particularly values the relationships built with those clients who return regularly to visit on business or vacation. Staff can also testify to opportunities God has appointed to minister to guests from top corporate positions to local churches. The business was recently nominated for the Cape Talk Radio Small Business Award and continues to see such favour as it expands in reach and services primarily through word of mouth and a loyal client base.

“I am continually amazed at the foresight and detail of God’s preparation in our lives for the ‘next thing’. My time spent working with The Institute profoundly impacted my perspective on the role of hospitality as critical to effective business practice in general as well as to the hospitality industry itself. The foundational values set out in The Institute Repurposing Business Training Program keep challenging me to ‘rise to the occasion,’ in the midst of the often not-so-straight-forward daily business life. Furthermore, the opportunity to observe and absorb the outworking of God’s grace in Brett and Lyn Johnson’s lives through family, community and business has truly inspired both vision and strength to build my ‘next thing’… right now: stewarding Beulah Lodge.”

- Rebecca Muir

Our Purpose

It is our greatest desire that all of our guests experience the true heart of hospitality at Beulah Lodge: Our purpose has been to demonstrate the character of God through generosity, excellent business service, and integrity. Through their exposure to The Institute and rep, both Izak and Rebecca have a greater understanding of how even a small business can become a significant platform for exposing people, Christian and non-Christian alike, to the palatable love of God.

Our Name

The name Beulah comes from a scripture in Isaiah (62:4) declaring the property and business as married to the Lord: You (Judah) shall no more be termed forsaken, nor shall your land be called desolate anymore.  But you shall be called Hephizibah (my delight is in her), and your land be called Beulah (married); for the Lord delights in you, and your land shall be married (owned and protected by the Lord).