At Olive, we are building a personal wellness guide for body & soul.  Our mobile alpha product helps people engage holistic wellness activities with their loved ones.  

It all started with a rep venture to Capetown in 2006.  At the end of the trip we (Bart and I) both (separately) felt a prompting to invest in a friendship together.  Four years and roughly 200 breakfasts later we sensed the Spirit leading us to start a holistic wellness company. 

At the moment we’re just getting started.  Right now about 200 people are using the alpha product and sharing encouraging results.  We’re hearing amazing testimonies of people accomplishing their spiritual, emotional, and physical goals.  Over time we hope the product will help millions of people experience radically higher holistic wellness so they can pursue their life missions with greater vitality and capacity.  We also hope the company culture will foster authentic community and holistic transformation for team members.

Rep has helped us think clearly about doing business differently.  One of the tangible manifestations of this thinking is our company’s values and how aim to apply them.  We strive to align the whole operating model (hiring, firing, product, marketing, etc.) with these values in hopes that venture itself would become a vehicle for the common good. 

Here are our foundational values:

 Pursuing the Truth (even if it hurts):  More than honesty and curiosity.  Articulating between what seems and what is.  Striving for openness and accountability. Taking a sober view of ourselves (humility) and the resources we’ve been entrusted (stewardship).  Seeking the best idea, not my idea. Identifying root causes and addressing them.  Performance, not face time. 
Taking New Territory:  Becoming and achieving.  Passion for dreaming, learning, innovation, and creating, and the boldness, ownership, and prioritization to transform ourselves and the world.  Inspiring others with our tenacity and thirst for excellence.   
Affirming Human Worth:  Honoring each other through empathy, clear communication, and reliability.  Serving customers through our products.  People are foremost ends.  Embracing the holistic (e.g. whole persons) and the beautiful.    
Cultivating Authentic Community:  Active collaboration.   Authentic, direct but not harsh, and vulnerable.  Celebrating doing good and doing well.  Having Fun :)

Interested in joining us on the wellness journey?  Sign up for our Alpha product at olivealpha.com.