Corey Cleek was one of the founders of Silicon Valley Fellowship and one of the original ten consultants who participated in our Repurposing Business training and traveled to South Africa with REP in early 2003. After returning from Cape Town he made determinations to prioritize relationships, and explore kingdom business opportunities. He is a co-founder of Uloop, working with other REP alumni, Ryan MacCarthy and Michael Ho (both Venture 4).

Corey came to the Repurposing Business Training class on February 8, 2012. He shared about some highs since leaving the REP community and moving back to Tennessee - from publishing his book, Devotional Ventures in 2007, to marrying his wife Sally in 2008, and the birth of their first son, Drew in 2011. He also shared about the devastating news of Sally’s battle with breast and brain cancer over the past two years, but Jesus has the victory and she’s now cancer free and on her way to a full recovery!

    “Rep has provided me with a view of business that has helped me see work and business from a Biblical perspective.  I also appreciate and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity through our trip to South Africa to spend time with various businesses to better understand and practice the application of the principles we learned.  I’ve loved being a part of the Rep community, and I’m very thankful to Brett and Lyn for their leadership and mentorship over the years.”

 - Corey Cleek


Uloop is a network of online marketplaces for college students, featuring classified advertisements (with textbooks, jobs, carpools, housing, for sale, travel, and events categories).

The Nashville, TN based company first launched at University of California, Santa Barbara in January 2007. As of November 2009, the resource is live on over 1500 colleges and universities across the United States, and employs 80 part-time college students, who hold either a campus marketing position or a local sales position. 

Uloop currently reaches around 3.5 million college students, or 10% of the total college students in the United States. Their website generates around 50,000 views per month and they have over 500,000 active listings.