Day 1, Sunday, November 8, and Monday, November 9, 2015

The rēp team attended a church, King of Glory Sanctuary, on Sunday morning.  It’s a mission oriented church, with Monrovian focus in their teaching and for their out reach.  Because the pastor was on a mission trip up north, Errol Smith was asked to  speak.  Error Smith gave an inspiring message on breaking strongholds/idols out of our lives, through “waiting on” God, not “waiting for”.  The brochure for the morning’s service was already printed, “Pulling Down Strongholds of The Past”.  
They did not reprint the brochure to accommodate Errol.  He had prepared his message the night before, and it fit the topic on the brochure.

After church, we stopped at St Andrew Church, the largest old church structure in Chennai, India.

We next stopped at the church where the body of St. Thomas is buried.  We took a scenic route by the beach, looking at all of the merchants selling assorted fish from the morning’s catch.

While we were in the church, a heavy monsoon style rain arrived, a heavy deluge of rain.  We got very wet, just getting back to the car.   The streets quickly filled with water!  After driving through streets with lots of rain run off, we had lunch with Manual and his lovely family.  

We finished the day with a team briefing and client assignments.  We had initially 5, then 7, then on Monday morning, back to 5 clients.  This is probably the smallest venture rēp has offered, with only 5 clients.  The small number of clients maybe indicative of God doing something very special during this venture!
On Monday morning, we started the venture with a devotional led by Izak de Wet.  Error Smith started the presentations, after resolving issues with his laptop which up and quit.  After swapping laptops, prayer, we progressed, with both laptops functioning normally.

A local young business man, from a past rēp venture, Bastian Babu offered a very inspiring testimony, of what has happened to him, his business, and family since getting involved in rēp, where he repurposed his business to God’s glory.

On a personal note, the hotel we are staying at, The Park, is very close the US Embassy.  It’s a 9-story hotel with 3 elevators servicing the 9 floors.  Why, I’m not sure yet, but I praise God for His presence and work.  I have noticed a number of times, going to the elevator, enter the elevator, and the button to appropriate floor is already pushed!  Awesome!  
Thank you Lord!