Day 2, Tuesday, November 10, 2015

            The Park Hotel, Chennai, announcing the    Rēp Venture

            The Park Hotel, Chennai, announcing the Rēp Venture

The offering for today: Product, Place, Positioning
The Fire hose!
Today, we pushed through three “P’s” today, as well as identifying the Giants.  These are the societal issues that are blocking the Kingdom of God from manifesting in the lives of the local people.  Examples are Corruption, Bribery, Obsolete Labor Laws, Low Skills, Access to Capital, Lack of Technology, Disparity of Technology, Tax Evasion, Castes, Unemployment, Blaming Others, Gender Inequality, Red Tape, and Nepotism.  Each client identified the Giant of most concern to them and their business on large sheets of paper, which we taped to the conference room walls.  The client and their respective consultant went from sheet to sheet, praying over the Giant, that God’s power and love would break through, setting captives free!

Many of the clients made progress on their respective scorecards when opportunity arose between presentations.
I spoke for about 20 minutes, on hearing God.  I shared many things deep into relationships, differences between the carnal mind and the spirit man, listening to the spirit man within, walls that interfere with hearing, some of my testimony, walls that need to come down so that we get out, and the Holy Spirit can come in, expressions of love, and the Fathers’ love.  It seemed to plow deep into the hearts of both client and consultant.
This was followed by 10 minutes, quietly waiting on hearing from the Father.  Some were willing to share what they heard.
Tomorrow, we, the consultants, will travel to our respective client’s place of business.  We get an opportunity for a closer look into the client, their families, and their business.
Thank you Lord!