Day 3, Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Today the consultants traveled to the place of business of their respective clients. We got an opportunity for a closer look at the client, employees, and in some cases the families. It was also a chance to discuss how the clients might weave the concepts being learned into the fabric of their company culture.

I was picked up by my client and was joined by two of his trusted colleagues. Together, we were privileged to have the opportunity to pray with the client regarding purpose, direction, strategy, and vision. Afterwards my client presented me with a bouquet of flowers which were grown and shipped to Chennai from another part of India. 

We then had lunch together, then journeyed to the site where the new company building is currently being constructed

This building, slated to be completed in four months, should be open for business by April 2016. This will allow the company to consolidate their three separate facilities into one central location where all staff may be housed.

It is expected that this will create synergistic relations and connections that will help fuel the company’s growth. Together we prayed over the plans, the effect the business would have in the neighborhood, that there would be no delays in the construction schedule,  and for God’s blessing over the client’s family and greater household.
We then adjourned for coffee. It was a great time of fellowship and comradery. We reveled in the realization that God had a hold of our hands and our hearts, that He had put us together, and had bid us join him in being about His father’s business; challenged to do it His way, cleanly, ethically, and morally.
God is at Work in India!