Day 5, Friday, November 13, 2015

The heavy deluge continues!  Rain, Rain, Rain!

This morning, the conference room we have been using for the venture was flooded, by outside rain overwhelming the drains, and coming into the building.  The conference room is in the “-1” floor of the building.  The floor of the conference room is actually just a few feet below the surface outside the building.  There are a number of steps you go up, to get to the main floor of the building, then down a flight of stairs to the conference room.  So we found the hotel staff pulling up carpet, drying the floors, and moving our venue to another room where the water had not reached yet.

Here’s Praveen, a young local Indian Rēp consultant, leading worship, with two songs, both in Tamil.   Us foreigners just joined in, clapping, and lip-syncing!  This was followed by “The Days Of Elijah” music video.  I then proceeded with a devotional from Matthew 13:3-9.  I paraphrased the verses, using the local and foreign consultants from Rēp community as the “sower” and that much has been sown into the Chennai business environment.  I followed this by a simple diagram that shows the heart, and the four types of soil, with a “plow” (the Holy Spirit) plowing through the rocks, and thorns (cares of the world), in the process of making productive soil for Kingdom purposes.

While we are waiting for clients to arrive (many were delayed because of heavy rains that are flooding their usual routes), Praveen showed a short video produced in Chennai, which depicts the rich heritage Chennai is built on.  One fact I was not aware of, Tamil is one of five ancient languages.  The official language of India is Hindi, but here in Chennai, they speak Tamil.  Many do not understand the Hindi dialect.

This was a busy day, with three of the “P’s” being taught: Planning and Partnering, talk by Errol and People, talk by Thomas.  The Partnering also contained a presentation by Preveen, and how the Lord has blessed him these past two years with tremendous growth in his startup company, TruTechSolutions. 

Here’s Thomas, teaching on People.

Following “People”, Errol taught on the importance of Affirmations and used a simple diagram of subconscious mind – conscious mind interactions, and where God intervenes between the two to correct our self-perception.  We each wrote affirmations to the others, both Client and Consultants at our respective tables.  We are also required to write an affirmation to someone close to us and send it via email, by tonight.  The Affirmations must be true, and it must be positive – learn to do this daily, to those around you, home, family, church, work.

After lunch, the Clients continued to work on scorecards.

That’s all for today!  Thank you Lord!