Day 6, Saturday, November 14, 2015

The day off, unstructured outing, down south a ways, to see HandsOnHouses, and reconnect with Pastor Jayaseelan.

Our driver, Manual, arrived promptly at 7AM, four of us, Errol, Izak, Cecil, and myself were joined by Thomas.  Off we go, driving south, on the new coast highway.  We picked up Praveen and his son Davin, along the way.  With a car full, we proceeded through what’s locally called the high tech district.  I’m amazed at the amount of construction that has taken place in the last seven years (since my last visit).  High rise apartments and office buildings; many very fancy office buildings with companies from around the world are represented.  And yet, many segments of the highway go through the old pour towns that have all of the old world congestion, including cows walking around.

Hands On Houses, a non-profit that builds houses for the widows in the area south of Chennai.  They started with a small lot in a field as the initial manufacturing site for the type of house that Don designed and trained locals to build.  The new site is an adjoining lot to Pastor Jayaseelan’s church.   The following pictures are an example of the latest style of house they build for widows.

The widow who lives here is very happy to have a home!

From here, we had a short lunch at Praveen’s house, and a short boat ride on one of the local backwaters that leads to the ocean.  We enjoyed a leisure walk on the beach!

This boat is an example of the many fishing boats paid for by donations from countries around the world, after the tsunami that hit the area in 2008.  Sadly, due to corruption, many boats were paid for multiple times, without over site to the overseas donors.  This one had been in a serious accident, and the stern was busted open.

That’s all for today!  Thank you Lord!