Day 7, Sunday, November 15, 2015

We started the week by worshipping at two services with our brothers and sisters at David’s Tabernacle.

The first service was in both the Tamil and English languages.  We enjoyed a time of praise and worship, and gave thanks to God as the children sang a song of praise that was a beautiful expression of praise to God. 

This was followed by a short message by the pastor, and a message from our own Errol Smith. 
The pastor summarized quite accurately what Errol had said and expressed his support and the support of the church for the vision and purpose of rēp. 
A former participant in the program, Phillip John, took us all to lunch afterwards and some of us who will remain nameless had way too much to eat. We are swiftly coming to the end of our time here and many people have wanted to invite us for a meal and for fellowship. And so, it seems we are constantly eating. We thank the Lord for our growing rēp community and the impact they are having and will have across India.
After a great lunch, we drove back to the hotel and some of us had a chance to take a nap. We rested and went to the home of our brother Joseph for dinner; for even more great food.

We had a chance to fellowship with his family and with two other families who joined us.  

It was an enjoyable time of more great food and good fellowship.
We are now back in our rooms preparing for our next-to-last full day in this city that we love.  It continues to rain and the streets are quite flooded but the people seem to take it in stride even though travel is difficult. Because of the rains, school has been cancelled and children have been out of school for a week now.  
I spoke to two of the children today and they were thrilled at the prospect of being out of school for a few more days. If the rains continue overnight, tomorrow’s program may be delayed in starting as travel may prove difficult for some of our clients. Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all his benefits…
Blessings and peace from Chennai.