Day 8, Monday, November 16, 2015

More rain, rain, rain, the rain continued through most of last night, such that streets were flooded even more, schools are closed, and businesses are severely impacted.  The airport has had long-term delays of 10 hours or cancelations.

I’m amazed at the creativity at the airport; using snow plows to push excess water off of the runways.  Where did they get snowplows?   This is a hot and wet place, it doesn’t snow here!

Because of the rains and flooded roads, the Clients were very late today.  We started out with an empty conference room.

After the intercessors started praying, by late morning, all of the Clients arrived safely!  Thank you Lord!

The final “P”, Izek presented Profit.  In the context of the business world today, are you living in “Egypt”, “The Promise Land”, “Self”, or “God’s Kingdom”?  A very good presentation on where the heart should be, doing God’s business, not our self-centered business.  He added some new material, on Debt.  Powerful!
The presentation included a very moving testimony by Beverly Chongo, one of the Consultants from South Africa.  She described first hand, the impact on her own life and that of her family, as she and her husband have been learning Kingdom Partnering, and Profit (or as in the case of many couples – the harshness of carrying debit).

After the day’s debriefing session with the whole team, we discussed the final day’s presentations, how the Clients have been progressing on their scorecards, and what to expect from their presentations.  The weather has impacted many people here, their schedules, and family and business activities.  It will prove to be an interesting day tomorrow, as we wrap up the November 2015, Chennai, India venture.

That’s all for today!  Thank you Lord!