Day 9, Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Big Day!  
This is the day where all our efforts this past week come together.  
After a devotional on the passage in Isaiah 61:1-6, we waited for Clients to arrive.  The rains have subsided, the streets are draining, and traffic is getting back to normal.
Errol started the day with Convergence.  How much margin is there in your life?  Margin that the Lord can use for His Kingdom purposes!   What balance do you have between your Calling, your Community, your Creativity, and your Career?  Do you know each of these in your life?   Are they as God has intended?   Or, are they from the world’s influences?  Some of the tools offered are a convergence assessment, and a convergence bible study.  It’s an inspiring discussion on what Brett Johnson has identified as the seven seasons in a persons life.

What next?  Errol continued onto a discussion about what’s next.  This is an overview of what the Clients can do, after we have left Chennai.  The Clients are encouraged to get involved in a bigger way, build a support network with other Clients that have been through a rep venture.  Go deeper in to prayer, where the progress onto a place of continual improvement on the scorecard.  The scorecard is a living document that needs to be improved as deeper relationships with God and other Clients develop.

Don’t just fix the temple; rebuild the city!
After a short lunch, local pizza, we prepared the room for the Client presentations.  This is the exciting part of the ventures.  We get to hear first hand, what God has done through out the venture, in the lives of the Clients, their families, and their businesses.
After the Clients’ presentations, Errol, Izak, Beverly, and Cecil are making arrangements for getting to the airport by around midnight.  Their flights are at 3:30AM and 4:40AM.  I will be staying another day, visiting and praying with some of the Consultants.  I’m looking forward to more divine appointments!
That’s all for today!  That’s all for this venture!  Thank you Lord!