Company FAQs: What if I want to repurpose my organization?

Target Audience: This FAQ is for a business or corporation that wants to be a client at a Venture, or have their business repurposed.

What does one mean by “re-purpose my business”?

  1. God has a business that has a clear purpose. It is one of international scope, and his goal is that people from every people group come to know and worship him.

  2. The way we do our work can reflect who God is and therefore cause him to be honored.

  3. We can also take steps to think creatively about what can be done to deliberately align the goals of one’s business with the objective of transforming societies—taking the concept of worship beyond singing songs.

  4. What greater joy than to know that as one works faithfully in one’s business, one is also fulfilling one’s calling?

Are you going to try to turn my business into a ministry?

  1. Business is a noble calling. Each of us should seek to have our occupations be a vocation, or calling.
  2. Your business is a place of ministry, and you are a minister in the marketplace. Beyond that, your business can change people and the communities in which they live. This is ministry.
  3. We will help you ask questions about what this “ministry of business” looks like for your corporation given your assets and sphere of influence.

How much time will I need to invest in this venture?

There are three main aspects to your involvement:

  1. A little pre-planning which involves completing a 10-P Profile form and having as many people in your organization take an Impact Assessment, which is an electronic corporate X-Ray that takes about 20 minutes to complete. 
  2. Then there are the days of Consultations (approximately 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.). This will be a very full two weeks, but you will have a portion of Tuesdays and Thursdays back in your office to tend to urgent matters.
  3. Then there is a final day of presentations and commissioning of businesspeople as marketplace ministers. So there are 6 structured days altogether, and four unstructured days when consultants can visit your offices.
  4. Thereafter, we will need to complete a report called a 10-P Scorecard. Once you have it up and going this should take 30 minutes a week. 

What do I pay for this service?

  1. The base fee varies by country and city. 
  2. Despite the fact that this is a volunteer initiative with consultants paying their own way—even host country consultants pay to be trained—there are venue, materials and administration costs that we ask clients to cover.
  3. We know that people generally do not value what they do not pay for. Additionally, we know that God always pays for what He orders. So we are trusting that, as a client, if you are called by God, you will be willing to contribute to the costs of serving you. 
  4. You will be challenged throughout the venture to commit some of “your increase” back to kingdom ventures, and to consider rēp (and its partnering organizations) in such giving. This will ensure that the principal of fair returns for efforts is honored, and that we will have a self-sustaining ministry for future ventures. It will also ensure that we have a vital interest—and a stake, in faith—in your growth.

What if I have needs beyond the two-week “event”?

We anticipate that some clients will indeed need ongoing consultative assistance – and they will deem it worthwhile to pay for such services. Ongoing services and support include:

  1. Business Mentoring: a 13 session consultation to assist you as a business leader translate and implement the principles you’ve learned during the two-week Venture to your key leaders. The consultation will include access to proprietary materials and concepts developed by The Institute. Sessions will be conducted primarily through phone / web meetings and e-mail for businesses outside The Institute’s service areas.
  2. Implementation Coaching: twice monthly coaching for 6 months to assist you with processes, systems and logistical support for seamless implementation of your Venture plans throughout your organization. The consultation will include access to management tools and processes developed by The Institute. 
  3. Assessments: you will be exposed to several valuable business assessments through the course of the Venture. You may choose to conduct one or more of these assessments for your entire organization. 

What if I set up business arrangements with visiting businesspeople as a result of the rēp training?

  1. Great! Part of what we are doing is encouraging cross-cultural exchanges. We hope that one of the value-adds of this exercise will be the nurturing of import/export and other collaborations.

Will there be opportunities to network with fellow business leaders during the rēp venture?

  1. Every day you will be in the training Consultations with at least 9 other business leaders. This will provide the opportunity to build relationship with them.
  2.  Your local team may set up ongoing opportunities to get together to share progress.
  3. You will have the sense to developing a personal advisory board with people who share the same passions and speak the same language.

What’s in it for me? What do you think I will gain from this experience?

  1. You will learn thinking skills that will help you well into the future. Our methodologies provide a biblical worldview for business together with sound frameworks for managing your business.
  2. You will forge enriching relationships with believers in business from other parts of the world.
  3. You will be trained in world class consulting materials that will benefit you beyond this venture.
  4. You will have a unique opportunity to explore the integration of your own Career and Calling.

Will clients be free to use the intellectual property of The Institute beyond the scope of this endeavor?

  1. The Institute has made significant investments in developing its tools and methods. They are protected by copyright and a variety of trademarks. 
  2. Clients may use the information for internal purposes, of course.
  3. If specific tools or other frameworks are of interest, clients may wish to enter into a licensing arrangement with The Institute for the ongoing use of its products, and The Institute encourages this in the right circumstances. It is not the intention of this venture to promote the tools, but to build the kingdom of God.