Consultant on a Venture FAQs

Target Audience: This FAQ is for trainees who have completed Repurposing Business POD training and  want to be a consultant at a Venture.

What commitment is involved in being a Consultant on a Venture?

  1. You will need to participate in the training that could take about 100 hours (60 hours in group training & 40 hours reading).  Depending on your training schedule (13-week, 26-week or 40-week), the time commitment will vary.
  2. You will also need to complete a Venture Bootcamp that covers 4 modules of preparation, including cultural orientation, listening and consulting skills, fundraising and prayer support, and a refresher on scorecarding.
  3. Depending on the length of a venture, 10 days or 2 full weeks or so of travel can be expected.  Vacation travel can be added to your stay after the venture.
  4. Your involvement in a venture may change your life.  In this case, it will mean a life of commitment to everyday ministry.

Will consultants be free to use the intellectual property of The Institute beyond the scope of this endeavor?

The Institute has made a considerable investment in developing its tools and methods. They are protected by copyright and a variety of trademarks. You may, however, choose to enter into a licensing arrangement with The Institute for the ongoing use of its products in your business, and The Institute encourages this in the right circumstances.

What if clients have needs beyond the Venture?

We anticipate that some clients will indeed need ongoing consultative assistance - and they will be able to pay for such services. This will be handled in several ways:

  1. We will recommend to the client that they explore a professional services or similar relationship with a rēp consultant, or with someone outside of the group who can help them.
  2. Any participating consultant who enters into an income producing relationship with a rēp client will be asked to pay a small referral fee back to the rēp Venture for a set period.
  3. Consultants will also be encouraged to team with each other in providing services to the clients.

What legal protection is there to cover things that may “go wrong” with clients?

  1. This will vary from country to country.
  2. Every person participating is encouraged to carry their own general liability coverage.
  3. We do, however, attempt to obtain signed releases from the clients who wish to participate.

Do you envision host-country consultants going to other nations or communities and “doing likewise”?

  1. Yes, it is our hope that consultants will be a part of future teams that go to many nations as part of the rēp movement.
  2. The needs are vast, and the frameworks and tools that we are developing are useful in many spheres.
  3. The Training PODs are one way to be involved going forward. The consultants can host a training POD in their local area to disciple others in the marketplace.

Will the rēp model be replicated?

  1. We have set up training, infrastructure and reporting mechanisms that can be licensed to others to use on a wide scale in the new Training PODs format. 
  2. rēp uses the intellectual property of The Institute, and this will therefore need to be safeguarded as the program is replicated.

What’s in it for me?

  1. You will forge enriching relationships with believers in business from other parts of the world.
  2. You will be trained in world class consulting materials that will benefit you beyond this Venture.
  3. You will have a unique opportunity to explore the integration of your own Career and Calling.
  4. You yourself may be “re-purposed” as you align your career with God’s business.