Repurposing Business Executive Intensive

In Brief

For years executives have requested an accelerated version of the foundational principles, wisdom, tools, resources and authentic community found in the well-proven rēp training. The rēp Executive Intensive answers this call with an accelerated and powerful one-week residential "Executive Summary" of our Repurposing Business Training. A growing band of businesspeople worldwide have already been equipped to transform society through business; this is your opportunity to join them.

How the Repurposing Business Intensive can increase your impact

Greatest impact can be achieved when all driving factors in your business are aligned and firing on all cylinders. The Repurposing Business Intensive begins by focusing on your business purpose. Clearly articulating the Company purpose and direction is essential. From there, other drivers of business impact will be identified and systematically aligned to your purpose. You will gain the knowledge, tools and resources to align every aspect your business with your purpose. You will leave refreshed, challenged, encouraged and equipped to pursue your business purpose and expand your sphere of influence.

Format and Details

There is a potential rēp Executive Intensive event occuring near Cape Town, South Africa from March 13th - March 18th. If you wish to express interest please contact Carla Olivier or fill out the "Request for an Application" below.


"The Rep Intensive was truly remarkable... Not only did I leave with greater clarity and vision for my organization but with a perspective change that will forever change the way I approach my business. Lyn, Brett and the rest of the rēp staff have an incredible ability to create instant, yet authentic community. I feel honored to be a part of the rēp community and to have shared the experience with the other Intensive participants, who were also remarkable people... I've been to a ton of conferences, retreats, trainings etc. but this will forever stand out as ‘Above the rest...far above." —A participant from New York City, New York, USA who is the Executive Director of an organization that offers an innovative, individually tailored immersion program to bridge the materially rich and poor to impact poverty.

"YES I LOVED IT, it came exactly the time I needed it. I am sharing with lots of business people about it and they said this is urgently needed in Egypt!" —A participant from Cairo, Egypt who had built a non-profit that was touching over 1 million youth each year. He has resigned to start a "kingdom business."

"My husband and I just attended the first rēp Executive Intensive. It is hard to put into words what we changing, paradigm shifting, new friendships, fantastic food and fun! Brett, Lyn and everyone on the rēp team display the ultimate in hospitality. An exceptional experience in every way!" —A couple from Morgan Hill, California, USA who are building a life-giving direct sales business.

"The Intensive for me was such an eye opening experience… The difference between worldly views versus holistic views can already be a lot to take in. But the Intensive takes it to the next level and talks about Eternal Principles, which make perfect sense once you have digested some of the principles and understood how they can be applied to our daily lives... The Intensive was a such paradigm shift for me!" —A participant from Bali, Indonesia who is the Director of one of the largest and highly acclaimed event venues in Bali.

"I'm constantly looking to educate myself and improve my performance and the performance of my companies. The Rep executive training gave me breakthroughs in my business that I was striving to achieve for years. Since I attended the Rep executive training my focus, impact and measurable results significantly increased. I started several new businesses and revamped my old business." —a participant from London, United Kingdom who is a Technology Entrepreneur, Investor and consultant to some of the world's largest Financial Institutes.

Location – Cape Town, South Africa

There is a potential rēp Executive Intensive event in the Cape Town area. If you wish to express interest please contact or apply now online.

We will then contact you directly with location details.

Once your application has been accepted, there are a payment options available to you.

For those making payments in South Africa, payments can be sent to: The Institute for Innovation Integration and Impact (Pty) Ltd

Bank Account Details:
Bank: First National Bank
Account Number: 62161009769
Account Type: Current / Cheque
Branch Code: 250655
Branch Name: Willowbridge
AB code: Not required

For all others, you may pay online or mail a check to:
The Institute
1030 E El Camino Real, #259
Sunnyvale, CA 94087


The cost of the rēp Executive Intensive is R27,500 per person. 
A non-refundable deposit of R 5,000 will secure each spot (this can be done via our website). The remaining fee schedule is as follows: 
Feb 1: SA Rands R10,000
March 1: SA Rands R12,500

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