The Other 90%

Discussion Questions:

  1. Name some businesses started by believers?
  2. Which of these companies would you like to see repurposed?
  3. Where have you seen ‘business’ and ‘ministry’ being separated?
  4. What are some companies today that you think God would like to be repurposed and brought into his “portfolio”?
  5. Consider the statement: “God is in the Re- business”. What does this mean? What are some of the “Re-” jobs that God does, and that he’s called us to do?
  6. Which companies have you seen striving to have a more noble purpose?
  7. List some of the characteristics of a Kingdom company.
  8. If the kingdom of God permeated a business, what would it be like?
  9. Where can a business go that a traditional missionary cannot go?
  10. Do you know of any historical precedents for companies being “redeemed”?
  11. Brainstorm some ways in which a company can be reconciled to God.

Repurposing Business

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some of the mandates we have been given in scripture?
  2. In business, where do you see the notion of “maximizing shareholder value” crumbling?
  3. What is the biggest driver of innovation in business?
  4. What would be a ‘good’ purpose for a business?
  5. What is the correlation between eternal truths (Foundational Principles) and business principles?
  6. If God is not placed in the center, but something else such as business, government or media, what is the result?
  7. Why is this a key season for business to be stepping forward?
  8. Why is it important to get equipped to do business with God?

Business Is Ministry

Discussion Questions:

  1. Was work a result of the fall? Why or why not?
  2. What Hebrew word encompasses business and ministry?
  3. What is God’s job description? 
  4. Is the purpose of business to fund ministry or to be ministry?
  5. What are four components of God’s glory?
  6. How can a business reflect God’s glory?
  7. How would you define dichotomy?
  8. Where do you see the fruit of the “secular-sacred dichotomy” in life today? (This can be a personal or communal perspective.)
  9. What is the commonly held view of ministry?
  10. What is ministry according to the Hebrew definition?
  11. Who is called to ministry?



God + Business

Discussion Questions:

  1. Where is the first reference to work in Scripture?
  2. What was work like before mankind sinned?
  3. What was the trading route used by the Nestorians called?

  4. What was the missions’ strategy for the first 1000 years of the early church?

  5. How was the spread of the early church linked to business?

  6. What were some of the concepts and ideas that the Moravians came up with that served their community well?

  7. How did the Moravians expect business to further the cause of missions?

  8. What features of the Moravian model would you like to see today?

  9. What was William Carey’s view on getting financial support for missions?

  10. What were some of the challenges that Carey faced?

  11. List the various “professions” William Carey had in India.

  12. How have traditional missions approaches departed from Carey’s blueprint?

  13. Name 5 moves of God that started in the marketplace?

  14. List some well-known companies that had Christian roots

  15. Is “corporate social responsibility” a real desire for “Business on purpose”?