God + Business

Discussion Questions:

  1. Where is the first reference to work in Scripture?
  2. What was work like before mankind sinned?
  3. What was the trading route used by the Nestorians called?

  4. What was the missions’ strategy for the first 1000 years of the early church?

  5. How was the spread of the early church linked to business?

  6. What were some of the concepts and ideas that the Moravians came up with that served their community well?

  7. How did the Moravians expect business to further the cause of missions?

  8. What features of the Moravian model would you like to see today?

  9. What was William Carey’s view on getting financial support for missions?

  10. What were some of the challenges that Carey faced?

  11. List the various “professions” William Carey had in India.

  12. How have traditional missions approaches departed from Carey’s blueprint?

  13. Name 5 moves of God that started in the marketplace?

  14. List some well-known companies that had Christian roots

  15. Is “corporate social responsibility” a real desire for “Business on purpose”?