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10/15/2014Mountain View
11/15/2014San Francisco

God and Business

A thought-provoking seminar on God’s views on business through major eras, from the Garden of Eden, the New Testament, the modern missions movement, and today. Seeing the interplay between business and God’s work on earth will make you realize the difference between having God in your business and having your business in God’s business.

·         The History of God and Business: How God has used business through the centuries to further his purposes

·         The biblical basis for business being ministry (Business is Ministry): rather than business to fund ministry, this module speaks about how business itself is ministry. (Hint: the Hebrew word for business is the same word as ministry.)

·         Repurposing Business (getting a business into God’s business): the goal is not to get God into your business, but your work and/or business into God's business

·         Transforming Society: how work is essential to fixing a broken world.

The seminar is a prerequisite for those signing up for the core Repurposing Business Training, a modular course that equips businesspeople with knowledge, tools and resources to repurpose businesses, using Biblical principles, into intentional contributors to societal transformation and Kingdom advancement.