Feeling little or no motivation at work?
Wondering if there's more to life than what you currently experience?
Experiencing tension balancing your career and other parts of your life?
Desire to make an impact, leave a legacy, but have no idea how?
Hunger to find real meaning and true purpose in life?
You're not alone. Many others have these same questions and feelings. The real question is whether you'll be one of the few who take intentional steps towards answering these burning questions in a real and personal way.
We believe many of these questions can be answered through the holistic integration of every aspect of your life. Work-life integration. Removal of mental dichotomies that have held you bound. A realization of a greater mandate than you might ever have anticipated. A life lived with purpose.
Imagine waking up each morning excited to go to work. What would it be like living every day in anticipation and hope? How would it feel to make a significant difference in your community? 
Goals worth striving for. You can begin here. 


Repurposing Business Training is a unique blend of foundational teaching and practical application.
It provides a framework around which you can begin to integrate your faith with your work.
This 13 week course training allows the participants to wrestle with scripture from the perspective of how it might practically apply in the workplace. 
In an environment of community, hospitality and interactive learning, Repurposing Business is equal parts truth,grace, and power, resulting in an amazing transformative experience.

Upon completion of the course you will be eligible to apply to go on a trip with us as a consultant, assisting business owners on how they might repurpose their business in order to have both social and eternal impact.  This is a wonderful opportunity to practically apply the frameworks you have learned in training. "Hands on" experience that actually makes a difference in the lives of others.


The Repurposing Business Training experience can be broken into three distinct phases:

  •  Getting Perspective
  •  Getting Trained
  •  Get Going

Getting Perspective

There are two prerequisite courses to be taken prior to the training proper.

  • The History of God and Business - an enlightening step through history, exploring how God has intersected business in the past, and providing clues to how he might continue to do so in the future.
  • Business is Ministry - A perspective changing presentation on Business and Ministry that challenges many present day dichotomies.

These prerequisites set context and lay a foundation for the Repurposing Business Training.

Getting Trained

The Repurposing Business Training curriculum is built around a framework called the 10-P Model which identifies ten drivers of impact in business. Over the 13 weeks, you step through each driver of impact, discussing foundational principles that apply. To move from purely concept to practical application you'll be exposed to a strategy tool called a scorecard that is used to created strategies, identify actions to be taken, and how to measure if the objective has been achieved.
Throughout the training you'll also be given access to assessments that determine your leadership type and level of work-life integration.
There is an extensive reading list that will serve as a valuable resource both during and after training.
An i-Learning platform is used to manage the training and to distribute assignments at the alloted times.
Information on the training agenda and the trainers are provided below.

Get Going

Things don't just end once you've completed training. We trust that this will only be the first step on an exciting journey.
A number of possible opportunities exist after training.
Trips - you're encouraged to come on a Venture with us to another country, where you get the opportunity to exercise your new found knowledge and skillset in assisting a business owner repurpose their business in order to transform society.
Repurposing Business Applied - many who complete our training come from the corporate world. This additional course delves into how to even more practially apply the principles discussed during training out there in the workforce, particularly when you're not necessarily the business owner.