Tangible Expressions Of God's Love

In June of 2011, I found myself anxious, even a little desperate because my compensation for the rest year was hinging on my one and only client and the commission I would have received for closing the deal. The deal died and I was at a loss as to what the future would hold. I began rēp shortly thereafter and during the training I was asked to share a miracle that would occur that would show a tangible expression of God’s love. I asked for two things: 1. that this client and the deal be resurrected, and 2., Shelly’s (my wife) hurt back be healed during our upcoming Europe trip.  She hurt her back and I was positive the long plane ride would prevent her from site seeing and virtually ruin our trip.  Shelly ended up out lasting me every day of the trip.  She out walked me, and had more energy than me every day.  As for my client, they started to resurrect in February 2012. The deal closed in July of 2012.  While it took a little over a year, I am astonished and amazed at God.  His timing, and the intricacies of His plans for me. I am humbled and amazed, and the testimony has additional layers that are added on to it every day.

- Norman Lee

More Healing!

I experienced the oddest accident & injury. My 110lb dog backed right into my left knee while we were casually chatting with a neighbor & their dog. My dog just naturally wanted to play with a dog that he knew.  Within seconds the dogs were having a blast. My dog, with full speed backed right into my left knee. I did not have time to react. I heard a pop and I immediately knew that I had seriously injured myself. 

Fast forward 8 days:

I was minutes away from left knee surgery. I had the pre-op evaluation by the nurse, she inserted the IV in my right hand,  the anesthesiologist was going over what type of anesthesia she was going to administer plus the multiple nerve blockers I had requested which would kill any pain up to 15-18hrs after surgery.  My orthopedic surgeon then came in after reviewing the latest MRI, then proceeded to lift my left knee (holding the back of my left leg). It was weird—it was like he was giving birth to my left leg—raising it to the sky. He asked me to hold my left straight as he held & supported it.  I was able to do it! He then asked me to do it again & I was able to do it. He asked me to do this same thing last week—it was impossible. This led the surgeon to believe that beyond the patellar fracture, I may just have just a tear in my tendon versus a complete rupture, although I’ve taken 5 XRAY angles and a full left knee MRI. 

My orthopedic surgeon immediately said: “I am going to cancel the operation. It looks like the injury is healing itself. I am not going to put you at risk of being cut open, infection, etc if your body is recovering. I want to see you weekly & XRAY your left knee for the next 4 weeks. If it does not heal, we can always operate.” When I go up from the pre-operating table & got dressed to go home, my knee pain changed from the sharp, constant pounding variety that was 8 out 10 to only a 5 out of 10 in my pain meter. 

Right before going to the hospital,  my pastor prayed the Presence of the Lord over me and I prayed that same prayer over the hospital & the staff. Brett Johnson also inspired me the day prior that “I have no right to worry and that healing is inevitable”. So, all of it came to pass.

- Al Gerona

Jesus - Life-Giver!

Last week, I was part of some miracles with a 3 month-old little boy who was having the exact same heart surgery Rebecca had when she was three months old.  In fact, it was the same heart surgeon, same cardiologist, same hospital.  A woman I know just had her little baby and because our stories were so similar, someone connected us a few weeks ago.  This little baby had his heart patched through open heart surgery on Tuesday last week.  Things were going fine for a full, non-eventful recovery.  Until, that is, the baby died.  He was flat line for SIX MINUTES before the emergency team revived him.  They had him on life support for two full days and were monitoring every little move.  The mom was struggling with the stress of it all, and I felt the Lord say to me, “Get there”  on the third day.  I told the Lord that if he wanted me there that he also had to provide a sitter to be with my three kids while I went to the hospital to be with the baby and mom.  Several phone calls later, the Lord provided a friend who was able to come be with my kids and off I went to the hospital.

On the way, I prayed and asked the Lord, “This can’t be a practice one.”  I have been wanting to and preparing to see someone raised from the dead, but have heard some of the giants of faith talk about how many dead people they prayed for who were not raised from the dead before they finally saw it.  I have never prayed for anyone to be raised from the dead.  Well, this little boy was already resuscitated but there were huge risks because he was not living on his own yet.

On the way, and as soon as I got there, we prayed about God’s goodness and the fact that he had raised this little baby from the dead and thanked Him that there would be NO brain damage.  We thanked the Lord for healing the heart, for making it beat stronger, and for all vital signs to resume to normal.  We also thanked God for removing the infection in his lung so his oxygen levels would be right. We spoke about the resurrection blood of Jesus flowing through the veins of this little one.  We thanked God for all these things before we actually saw them….

Almost as soon as we prayed them, the Lord answered each prayer. First the head cardiologist came in and gave the report that there was TOTALLY NORMAL BRAIN FUNCTION—NO BRAIN DAMAGE!!  even though the boy had been dead six minutes!  Then they said the heart was beating stronger.  People paraded in over the course of several hours to report that this little boy was fine in all areas!  His infection went away almost in front of our eyes.  He needed his blood pressure to rise, it did.  We prayed for the peace of Christ to comfort the baby, and he slept!  It was amazing…God’s presence was hovering in that hospital room and the doctors kept saying, “You are so lucky…do you know how lucky you are?”  The mom said we thank Jesus Christ because he has answered our prayers.  They thought we were nuts.

I have always wondered how it will feel when I start seeing major, awesome supernatural miracles up front and personal.  I have experienced so many miracles, but I have not yet seen limbs grow, cells change, the dead rise, chromosomes heal….but we are contending for this.  When I was there, with the palpable presence of the risen Jesus Christ caring for this little, helpless baby, I was in the presence of that kind of miracle.  Jesus had raised him from the dead!!!  And it was as comfortable, natural, and normal as ever could be….it did not feel wild or different at all….I am still thinking about that…

- Kim Daus-Edwards - 

This You Gotta Hear....A Healing Miracle!

When I began 2011, I was having thyroid problems. My thyroid numbers were very confusing and my general doctor sent me to the specialist who declared that after three blood tests showing the same results, my thyroid was not functioning at all.  The recommendation was to get on medication immediately, check the thyroid every six months for two years, possibly go off the medication, but also likely, be on it forever.  The thyroid doctor said this could be dangerous after some time because it could affect my heart, among other vital organs.

At the beginning of the summer, I told the doctor that I was a woman of faith and that I wanted three months to treat this with prayers, natural means, nutrition, exercise and chiropractic.  Because it was not immediately urgent, he agreed but said there was virtually no way to change this without the medication.

I felt so confident that God was going to heal this.  Several friends joined my prayers, and about six weeks into this, I was completely sure in my spirit that God had healed my thyroid.

Six weeks later,  I got new blood test results and the thyroid numbers are all NORMAL!  GOD DID IT!  I was so confident that he was going to heal this, that even if the numbers didn’t come in line, I was knew it was going to soon.  But that the numbers are in line with what I knew in my spirit had happened is a HUGE jolt to my faith.  We learned a new lesson on this—that eventually the physical reports will come into line with the spiritual truth that we have been healed.

My thyroid doctor said he has never seen this and that he is amazed. He said whatever I am doing to keep doing.  I told him that I am a woman of faith, and that what we are doing is praying and believing in Jesus Christ.

Call2All Funding!

I'm from Alpharetta, GA, and I attended the recent Call to Business conference in Long Beach, CA. I attended because I felt God wanted others to pray for a business for transformation venture we’re attempting to launch in Southeast Asia. The event had some outstanding speakers including Brett Johnson and as he concluded his talk he invited those in the audience who desired prayer to visit the rēp  booth in the exhibit hall. I went directly and ask Kim Wilson of rēp to pray specifically for provision of the funds required to launch the business. Kim roped-in Debra Schlaht from Human Performance Solutions at a nearby table and they placed their hands on my shoulders and prayed.

At dinner that evening I was introduced to a gentleman from Colorado Springs, CO, who inquired about my interest in BAM. I explained the vision for the venture and the miraculous progress we’d made. I explained that what should be the smallest obstacle, funding, had become the largest. He asked how much we needed and without hesitation said “I’m in”. Just that quickly we were funded and ready to launch.

We’d been praying for years for the business to become a reality and God doesn’t always answer prayer that quickly. I feel God wanted to be glorified and reveal that the miracles that had and will occur are a result of his provision and in his time. An act of obedience by attending the conference allowed the One who deserves all the Glory to reveal it to others as well!

Steve Miller