Jesus - Life-Giver!

Last week, I was part of some miracles with a 3 month-old little boy who was having the exact same heart surgery Rebecca had when she was three months old.  In fact, it was the same heart surgeon, same cardiologist, same hospital.  A woman I know just had her little baby and because our stories were so similar, someone connected us a few weeks ago.  This little baby had his heart patched through open heart surgery on Tuesday last week.  Things were going fine for a full, non-eventful recovery.  Until, that is, the baby died.  He was flat line for SIX MINUTES before the emergency team revived him.  They had him on life support for two full days and were monitoring every little move.  The mom was struggling with the stress of it all, and I felt the Lord say to me, “Get there”  on the third day.  I told the Lord that if he wanted me there that he also had to provide a sitter to be with my three kids while I went to the hospital to be with the baby and mom.  Several phone calls later, the Lord provided a friend who was able to come be with my kids and off I went to the hospital.

On the way, I prayed and asked the Lord, “This can’t be a practice one.”  I have been wanting to and preparing to see someone raised from the dead, but have heard some of the giants of faith talk about how many dead people they prayed for who were not raised from the dead before they finally saw it.  I have never prayed for anyone to be raised from the dead.  Well, this little boy was already resuscitated but there were huge risks because he was not living on his own yet.

On the way, and as soon as I got there, we prayed about God’s goodness and the fact that he had raised this little baby from the dead and thanked Him that there would be NO brain damage.  We thanked the Lord for healing the heart, for making it beat stronger, and for all vital signs to resume to normal.  We also thanked God for removing the infection in his lung so his oxygen levels would be right. We spoke about the resurrection blood of Jesus flowing through the veins of this little one.  We thanked God for all these things before we actually saw them….

Almost as soon as we prayed them, the Lord answered each prayer. First the head cardiologist came in and gave the report that there was TOTALLY NORMAL BRAIN FUNCTION—NO BRAIN DAMAGE!!  even though the boy had been dead six minutes!  Then they said the heart was beating stronger.  People paraded in over the course of several hours to report that this little boy was fine in all areas!  His infection went away almost in front of our eyes.  He needed his blood pressure to rise, it did.  We prayed for the peace of Christ to comfort the baby, and he slept!  It was amazing…God’s presence was hovering in that hospital room and the doctors kept saying, “You are so lucky…do you know how lucky you are?”  The mom said we thank Jesus Christ because he has answered our prayers.  They thought we were nuts.

I have always wondered how it will feel when I start seeing major, awesome supernatural miracles up front and personal.  I have experienced so many miracles, but I have not yet seen limbs grow, cells change, the dead rise, chromosomes heal….but we are contending for this.  When I was there, with the palpable presence of the risen Jesus Christ caring for this little, helpless baby, I was in the presence of that kind of miracle.  Jesus had raised him from the dead!!!  And it was as comfortable, natural, and normal as ever could be….it did not feel wild or different at all….I am still thinking about that…

- Kim Daus-Edwards -