Tangible Expressions Of God's Love

In June of 2011, I found myself anxious, even a little desperate because my compensation for the rest year was hinging on my one and only client and the commission I would have received for closing the deal. The deal died and I was at a loss as to what the future would hold. I began rēp shortly thereafter and during the training I was asked to share a miracle that would occur that would show a tangible expression of God’s love. I asked for two things: 1. that this client and the deal be resurrected, and 2., Shelly’s (my wife) hurt back be healed during our upcoming Europe trip.  She hurt her back and I was positive the long plane ride would prevent her from site seeing and virtually ruin our trip.  Shelly ended up out lasting me every day of the trip.  She out walked me, and had more energy than me every day.  As for my client, they started to resurrect in February 2012. The deal closed in July of 2012.  While it took a little over a year, I am astonished and amazed at God.  His timing, and the intricacies of His plans for me. I am humbled and amazed, and the testimony has additional layers that are added on to it every day.

- Norman Lee