This You Gotta Hear....A Healing Miracle!

When I began 2011, I was having thyroid problems. My thyroid numbers were very confusing and my general doctor sent me to the specialist who declared that after three blood tests showing the same results, my thyroid was not functioning at all.  The recommendation was to get on medication immediately, check the thyroid every six months for two years, possibly go off the medication, but also likely, be on it forever.  The thyroid doctor said this could be dangerous after some time because it could affect my heart, among other vital organs.

At the beginning of the summer, I told the doctor that I was a woman of faith and that I wanted three months to treat this with prayers, natural means, nutrition, exercise and chiropractic.  Because it was not immediately urgent, he agreed but said there was virtually no way to change this without the medication.

I felt so confident that God was going to heal this.  Several friends joined my prayers, and about six weeks into this, I was completely sure in my spirit that God had healed my thyroid.

Six weeks later,  I got new blood test results and the thyroid numbers are all NORMAL!  GOD DID IT!  I was so confident that he was going to heal this, that even if the numbers didn’t come in line, I was knew it was going to soon.  But that the numbers are in line with what I knew in my spirit had happened is a HUGE jolt to my faith.  We learned a new lesson on this—that eventually the physical reports will come into line with the spiritual truth that we have been healed.

My thyroid doctor said he has never seen this and that he is amazed. He said whatever I am doing to keep doing.  I told him that I am a woman of faith, and that what we are doing is praying and believing in Jesus Christ.