Monday 18 May 2015

The day started with a sense of deja vu , it was all too familiar...The clients walking in, some meeting their consultants both local and visiting for the 1st time. Wondering...did i do the right thing by signing up ? What's all this 10P , 10F ? what's with the bicycle? etc too many questions too fast ... and it was wonderful to see as the day panned  out that all their fears were allayed and people getting more comfortable with their decision. The awesome venue helped in people being at home i suspect.

Looking back at my journey from being a client in 2007 in chennai to being a local consultant in 2010 and  now a visiting consultant in a foreign land i can testify that  Rep has not only Repurposed my business but also my whole life and i can't wait to see how these 9 clients are going to have their worldviews turned upside down.

We had the usual consultant and client introductions in the morning and  before we took a coffee break Izak came up to share a word from the Lord  "it's time for a change in season for many in the tent". This was a confirmation to what was spoken over the venture by a prophet  just before i left for South Africa !!!! 

It gets better, today at team debrief we gave God thanks for facilitating a client-consultant match that was totally a God thing. Also everyone got their purpose statement without much difficulty as the Presence of the Lord was hovering over the tent. The 1st P is the most difficult hurdle to cross, but not for this bunch. 

I thought the day was over with the team debrief and dinner at Brett's guest house but little did i realize my Guest house was in for a long night as the Rocket scientist and his client were going through the scorecard very religiously and Ed was suspecting they'd even finish the client memo by day much for today's adventures, looking forward to another exciting day waiting to see what the Father has in store.