Tuesday 19 May - God Meets Us Where We Are

Can anyone doubt that God is everywhere? This is my first time on South Africa and you can see and sense his presence everywhere. The majesty and beauty of the ocean and the mountains proclaim His name! The friendliness and the hospitality of the locals testify to Jesus and His grace. His presence can surely be felt in the tent of the Beloftebos farm as we engage in this rēp venture. And even the signs offer blessings from above!

And being blessed to spend time with my client, Johan Jacobs, is also a testimony to God’s goodness and supreme plan for us. Johan is truly a living miracle. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a supposedly incurable disease. But then God gave him the blueprint for a healthy lifestyle based on ancient truths and Biblical principles. This healthy lifestyle literally saved his life. And now it is Johan’s personal mission to empower others to live a healthy, live-saving lifestyle.

Johan, Francois (local consultant) and I spent the morning developing purpose and positioning statements for GoNatural, Johan’s brand name for his healthy lifestyle business. We then visited his store in Somerset West, which was filled with healthy food and, more importantly, equipment to enable people to grow and make their own healthy food. It was especially pleasing when I asked one of the key employees, Lerina, what is the purpose of GoNatural, and her response, “equipping people to live healthy lifestyles” was 100% in alignment in the purpose statement we had drafted earlier that day. 


God has a wonderful plan for GoNatural and it is a blessing to be able to come alongside Johan and walk along the path that God has set out for him and his business.