Friday May 22nd 2015

Geese in “deed” are Geese indeed; quickly grabbing cues we spring out in love & action, cause that’s our DNA. Thank you Gareth for sharing on empowering others and being there for them when they are in need. It was awesome.

The green chilly made my breakfast great. It went well, with bacon, fried eggs and boiled tomatoes. At 8am, we started the intercession for the clients for the day. The intercessory team is an asset, they heard a lot from God to bless the clients.

Later the clients went over the “Bretting” session, pardon me, the visioning session, matching the client’s purposes with their passions and gifting. The general view was that all of them went back with a broader picture of their purposes and deeper understanding of their potential.

4 guys went missing at 12noon. They went shark cage diving. Took videos of 9 different sharks. S.B. Manuel, (S.B. stands for Shark Bait) was the brains behind it.

After 5 days of “Garetting”, sorry Scorecarding, Brett decided to take us out to Stanford for a Pizza dinner with Soups, vegies etc.,

This week has been great; book yourself for the next venture ………. NOW

                                                                                                                        ROBIN R