May 20, 2015 – Foundational Principles Built on a Great Cup of Coffee!

What a day!

The clients and consultants are starting to form deeper relationships, prayer and worship time starts the day, progress toward definition of the first 5 “P”s, the intercessors engaging in effective prayer covering, warm South Africa offerings for breakfast and lunch, dinner by locals, green coffee beans roasted, cooled, ground, and steeped into a fantastic cup of coffee to top off the day.

Brett, as always, offers an engaging discussion on Foundational Principles that are intended to “kill” the giant of dichotomy thinking that keeps business owner from getting into God’s business, i.e. what they thought was their business, is actually an extension of God’s business that’s really meant to bless His people.  The concept of funding being a flow through invention by God, and not a storehouse commodity, is still enthralling.  Brett continues with “glory”, God’s glory in businesses and scriptural examples of using business tools (donkey).

The accommodations are perfect for this rEp venture; a huge tent for the meetings and a number of old houses on the property (adjoining farm properties as well) that have been converted into multi-bed accommodations.  A group of us men are staying in what’s called the “Light House” (because there’s a pond on the property – about 100 feet out the back side of the house).  The stars are beautiful!  It’s amazing to see such clear skies – it reminds me of home years ago in north central Montana where I grew up with nights spent out in the pastures, bedrolls, and open skies with stars abounding.  I would offer a picture of the pond, but we leave for the tent early in the morning, in the dark, and return for the evening, after dark.

To help break the morning stresses while working on scorecards, Brett started a green coffee bean roasting session (8 beans) on one of the space heaters.

Later, in the afternoon, the real product, roasted during high tea time, using a pan and spatula on a small gas cook top.   After dinner, the fresh ground coffee brews into an excellent cup of coffee.  I think I may have converted some locals to home roasting organic green coffee beans (the above beans were found by Johan on an outing to Somerset).

My clients, Beverley and Serina, are representing “Arise Shine . Africa”, an NPO (Non-Profit Organization). That’s a dot in the name; it’s going to be a fully registered NPO by the end of June.  They minister in Mitchell’s Plain, near Cape Town.  God has already poured a huge vision into these two ladies, for ministering to an initial estimate of 3000 people being their sphere of influence.   I asked Beverley “How big is Mitchell’s Plain?”  She stated about 2.3 million.  That’s when I realized, from the night before when Beverley shared the documents she submitted as part of the NPO registration, the vision for “Arise Shine . Africa”, is, all 2.3 million.  Wow!

I’m very appreciative of the prayer from the intercession teams here and around the world, and from friends and family back home.  I need to be very tentative to what the Father wants me to do while here.  Beverley and Serina are engaging and embracing the 10-P score carding very well.  I do see them picking up the deliverables at the end of the venture, and continuing to press into expanding and fulfilling their calling in “Arise Shine . Africa”.