Saturday May 23rd 2015 -God’s Goodness in the Land of the Living

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” 

Psalm 27:13

Today was a beautiful day full of God's goodness.  We started off the morning with news that one of our consultants' father in law prayed to receive salvation after many years of prayer.  Wow, God is so good!! 

Our hosts Andries and Coia at Beloftebos treated our team with a fun tractor ride up to the top of a hill on their 1000 hectare farm.   They have beautiful naturally growing fynbos and a vast land as far as the eye can see.  With stops along the way to pick proteas and everlastings, I was in awe of the biodiversity of flora and fauna in this land.  Clint drove the tractor down the hill and gave us all a bumpy ride, especially those of us at the rear of the trailer. The weather was lovely atop the hill as we prayed God’s blessing over the land as well as for their family. What a humble and generous couple.  They love their children and have such a heart for their community.  It’s been a privilege for our team to get to know them during this venture. 

We then went into town to pick up some lunch to take on our road trip to Cape Agulhus.  In a 4 car caravan, we traveled over dusty and bumpy roads, and arrived at the spot that many prophetic words have been spoken about revival coming through the southern tip of Africa. 

The team consists of different people from diverse nationalities: South African, Portuguese, English, Scottish, Indian, Mexican, American Indian, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Australian, Canadian and American.  We gathered to pray for a sustained revival to come to South Africa and for transformation to the church and the communities.  Right by the beach, we took communion together as a body of Christ.

It’s a beautiful thing to be on these ventures to come on mission together and serve together as a unified team.  To me, it’s like living the Acts 2 church, for the 2 weeks, as believers, we get to live together, break bread daily, pray for one another, and serve others in practical ways.  We stand in faith for God to do amazing things in our midst and in the lives of those in the community of Stanford.  Believing God that His purposes will be fulfilled and we will see His glory manifest in the nations.

As much as we work hard and are fully committed to provide excellence during the venture, we also have lots of fun on our outings.  Some adventurous and nature loving guys search the beach for octopus and sea anemones and crabs…with success!  A few team members even attempted to do fun “jump shots” at the southernmost tip, where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans come together.  You know you are getting close when you give each other nicknames and start sharing embarrassing stories by fireside.  (Remember, what happens in SA, stays in SA.)