Sunday May 24th 2015

Sunday morning, bright and sunny with bread for breakfast and worship for the soul, singing and making melody in our hearts right in the open. Brett shared from Mark 7:28-30. "And He said to her because of this saying, you may go your way". We were encouraged to speak words of faith, the good things we want to see for our clients and us as we wrap up all the deliverables.

It was afternoon and high tea at the "Blue gum"farm guest house of Anton and Terrence our youngest client, with their three lovely kids. It was lots of eating and talking with sister of Andreas and husband of Marilyn among others. It was knowing and sharing time.
Finally, it was the team together as warm it could be for a meal in Stanford. Had a time of hearing inspirational stories, praying for Linh's sisters home gathering and for peace and guidance for Robins daughter. We had a little here and there on catching up, and wrapping up on all the deliverable requisites and were done for the day an inspiring Sunday indeed.