Monday May 25th 2015 - The Last Venture Day

Today was the last Venture day, and it was a full one. Gone was the relaxing carefree weekend of sightseeing and high teas.,Instead, we immersed ourselves in the final two Ps, Process and  Planning.

Nestled in between these two Ps were discussions on next steps for the clients, and Giants.

The giants conversation was particularly interesting, as it culminated in a discussion on how the clients with their different business might effect societal transformation by collaboratively using their businesses to combat known giants in their community. Given the size of their community (not that big), the potential of the businesses having significant impact in a short amount of time becomes a very real possibility, An exciting prospect which might serve as a template for future small town transformation. 

Given that this was the last Venture day before the Final Presentation, the rest of the time was spent studiously wrestling through the scorecard. With the finish line in sight, deliverables wrap up became the priority, and consultants busily approached the task in the hopes that solid work now would result in getting to bed at a reasonable hour, rather than slaving away on the scorecard late at night.

In the midst of the work though there was still time for brevity, as Brett's long lost laundry was found. In celebration of this auspicious event, Manuel and Ed decided to model his clothes.

Abercrombie and Finch models step aside. This is how it's done!