Today is the day that the Lord has made!

It was Commissioning Day today for the clients. What could be better than hearing the jaw-dropping and inspirational testimonies from the nine clients. We have been truly blessed with awesome clients, incredible fellow consultants, and a unity of mind and spirit that goes beyond the natural into the supernatural. It is even more amazing to consider that the seeds have just been sown and that the harvest is coming! This is just the start of the new journey and the proverbial tip of the iceberg! God will richly bless these seeds and turn them into a supernaturally plentiful harvest.

Blue Gum Country Estates

Blue Gum Country Estates is a family owned rustic 4 star country accommodation in Stanford that is run by Anton and Tarryn De Kock, a beautiful Kingdom couple. The purpose of their business is described by Romans 14:17 - the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. How beautiful it is to find the purpose of one's business in the Bible! Their strategic focus is on people, presence and place. The common thread is to enhance God's presence in their estate, and to show God's love to their staff so they develop and feel God's love, peace and joy. From a community perspective, it's on their heart to be good stewards of what God has given them and use their blessings to create employment to help transform Stanford.


Zoete Inval Traveller's Lodge

Marilyn Van Der Velden of Zoete Inval Traveller's Lodge is experiencing the full joy of God's repurposing by moving from divergence and dichotomy, which led to exhaustion, to convergence in being a place/shelter for rejuvenating, regrouping and recycling for all those Jesus sends. The lodge is moving from being a budget accommodation for backpackers to a place where their guests see, hear, smell, taste and feel the Kingdom of God in our midst. What an incredible transformation! Furthermore, while attending this rēp venture, Marilyn has been blessed with 3 miracles including her husband's willingness to receive prayer, and an employee's sister being freed from an alcohol addition of 30 years. Praise God for He is good!



Andries and Coia, our most gracious venture hosts at Beloftebos, are a demonstration of the true power behind Kingdom marriages. Post-venture, their purpose has evolved from a mix of disparate businesses including a wedding venue and farm to providing a place of excellence where people can be restored, healed and inspired to discover and grow towards their God-given calling and encouraged to live out Kingdom marriages and model Kingdom families. This involves a shift towards Kingdom marriages, where every resource on the farm will work together to support this purpose. It is truly a beautiful thing to see purpose come together under God's guidance and eternal wisdom. And it is particularly apt in this case, as Andries and Coia are a wonderful model of a Kingdom marriage and Kingdom family with their four beautiful children


Gansbaai Heunig

Cloete and Rita Du Preez of Gansbaai Heunig are a blessed example of the power of God's visions. Cloete is a man of dreams and visions, some of which seemed to be orthogonal to their honey business. Through the visioning process, it became apparent to them that their business can, in fact, be their mission through the power of convergence. As a result, their new business will be named Rapha Healing Honey, coupled with a Honey Institute which will result in the creation of honey disciples using the honey business as missions. In this way, one beehive will become many and spread across Africa over generations. 


Go Natural

Johan Jacobs was diagnosed 11 years ago with MS (multi sclerosis) and now leads a life disease and medication free.   God’s vision for him since then is to equip people to live healthier lives – he doesn’t teach diet (although that’s part of it), he teaches lifestyle.  The giants Johan wants to bring down are modern healthcare and poor nutrition, with a desire to develop people to their full potential, live an empowered disease-free life, and fulfill their heavenly calling on earth.  Next steps are to expand from his one retail shop to a model shop (retail, juice bar, and kitchen), increase number of disciples and build upon his website. 



Makarios was birthed from a vision that God gave to Andre Cloete in 2007 to collaborate with like-minded people to bring holistic change so that we can have sustainable communities, later team with Jaco Barkhuizen.   Following the visioning session, Makarios changed from an NGO (non-governmental organization) to an asset management company whose goal is to link those that have talents and abilities, wealth to those that don’t have abilities and means to live out their dreams, restoration of all things.  They are new to the Stanford area, and a passionate about seeing this community transformed.  Their next steps are to partner with God to expand their influence, but practically, to meet with the Stanford Business forum, better position themselves through compilation of a business pack, and meeting and networking with REP clients in the community.


Arise Shine.Africa

Arise Shine.Africa is a non-profit organization led by Beverley Baron-Chongo and Serina Windvogel serving the Mitchell’s Plain area.  Their main purpose is to enhance the quality of life for families through individuals so that healthy communities can be built.  They want to impact society through increasing literacy, skills development, street ministry (e.g. praying), discipleship, and impacting media and government.  The resulting Kingdom impact are souls being saved, communities blessing other communities, and People seeing God as their source and their purpose in Him.


Early Eagle Construction

Willem was one of the clients that was radically changed following the Visioning.  Willem runs a fencing business and prior to the Visioning, his focus was survival.  Following that, his purpose became to use his business and transform Stanford into a prosperous and God fearing community through training and discipleship and providing employment to help reduce unemployment and drug abuse in the community  His next steps are to setup a brick operation, finding partners and searching for training school property.


OnQ Research

Catherine Lund currently owns OnQ, a business that performs clinical research for the health and science based consulting and service industry.  Through innovative clinical research, OnQ is achieving and developing scientific excellence and sustainable strategic partnering achieving equitable health for Africa.  Catherine also heads HisBiz, a group within her local church that includes 120 entrepreneurs who fund small business startups.  Following the Visioning, she received revelation to partner with these entrepreneurs and equip them with Kingdom marketplace principles to eliminate the giant of unemployment within a 3km radius of her church.