Thanksgiving, Affirmations, and the Way Forward

After all the final presentations were made by our clients sharing about what God's done during this venture, our team had a debrief.   We enjoyed a time of giving thanks and praise for all the good work and transformations that began in the lives of our clients and their businesses.  We also spent some time writing affirmations for each other and many heart felt words were expressed.  It is truly an honor to serve together with this amazing team.

On Wednesday morning, we had an opportunity to thank and bless the staff of Beloftebos for their loving care of us during the 10 days, feeding us, serving us and welcoming us...with excellence and warmth. 

As our team said our goodbyes to each other, some flying back to India and different parts of the US, it was a sense of dear friendships and new bonds of the Rēp family formed.  It took awhile to get through the long hugs and warm exchanges, and even some tears. But we drove off from Beloftebos and the town of Stanford, I can say on behalf of our team that a part of our hearts were left behind and the hope of returning one day. We do look forward to see what God will do in the coming years in the communities.
We headed back to Cape Town, where our journey began.  A few of our team members were flying back home, so we dropped them off at the airport and those who stayed behind enjoyed a nice seafood lunch at the Waterfront.  Finishing off the day was a Rēp gathering of alumni and friends hosted at Beulah Lodge.  We shared about the venture, gave testimonies, and introduced our Cape Town leaders who will be launching the Repurposing Business training in the new PODs format (Personal, On-Demand, self paced). 

As a personal surprise, I got to catch up with my client Dieter from my 2013 venture.  What a delight to be able to catch up with him on what's transpired in his life, his family and business as a result of his Rēp consultation. 

The journey of transformation continues as we walk with God in bringing the Kingdom to businesses.  
Let me take this opportunity to thank you all the family and friends and all our supporters.  Your role has been vital to the success of this venture and we all share in the celebration!  May your investment of time, funds, and prayers be returned to you 100-fold.