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In Brief

We consider rēp to be a journey. The Repurposing Business Training is valuable preparation for your life as ministry, and the ventures drive the principles home as you consult with businesses seeking wisdom and guidance. Repurposing Business Applied, or rēp Applied, allows you, as Repurposing Business alumni, to take the principles from the Repurposing Business Training and dedicate them to your specific daily work context and environment.


With a 10-module format, rēp Applied uses a combination of learning and application techniques including assessments, case studies, peer review, coaching, mentorship and intercessory prayer. In essence, it takes The 10-Ps from the Repurposing Business Training and focuses them on you and your work situation. As you are applying The 10-Ps to your workplace, you get the benefit of peer reviews, coaching, mentoring and intercessory prayer.

Past participants have said that Community is a key aspect of rēp. After the Repurposing Business Training and Ventures, many alumni ask “What’s next?” Some miss the fellowship of like-minded individuals with a common worldview, some miss the intellectual stimulation and discussions, some miss the genuine openness and sharing – regardless of what you miss, rēp Applied is a logical next step as it addresses all these community aspects and more.


How Repurposing Business Applied can increase your impact for the Kingdom

This course is not about evangelizing at work, but about co-laboring with God while in your daily workplace—in His strength, wisdom and creativity to succeed by His standards. God’s unique purpose for you and your organization will come to life as you work through tools and exercises designed to converge your passion for His Kingdom with your passion for your work. This course will truly enable you to live out your daily life as ministry, while building bonds with the rēp community.

Format and Details

The next rēp Applied is scheduled for March 2015 in the San Jose area. Rēp Applied is conducted one night a week over 10 weeks. A diverse and talented training team will lead you through interactive teaching time, facilitated discussions, proprietary business assessments and tools, and provide thorough feedback on your progress. Mentoring and intercessory prayer from alumni are also used to provide guidance and feedback.

Locations will vary from week-to-week, as you visit the workplaces of various trainees and alumni. For more information, please contact or fill out the "Request for an Application" below. We will then contact you directly with further details.

Fee: $1800 per person for training


Phone: +1.650.306.4100

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"It reminds us what our role is in letting God’s heart for His impact, influence and integration to be in our workplace. It is a way to really connect to how does that look. If you are an alumni and you have gone to a rep venture, you have come back and still questioning and talking through how can you integrate these principles into your workplace, we think this course is for you." 

Megan Lathrop

"We come back to our regular lives after venture, we realize that there are problems and not know what to do with it. Realizing that these problems are maybe just disguised opportunities for God to work rather than feeling like I have failed, now I am able to position myself to be God’s agent at work and being able to walk out our identity in our workplace." 

Melissa Chan, System Analyst, Apple

"It makes me understand the foundational principles and my identity better so that I can leverage them when the pain point occurs in the workplace where God may be using me." 

Felix Lai, Director of Product Development, Impax Labs

"The great (and difficult) thing about rep applied is that you can't just sit back and talk theoretically - you have to go out and try something, like pray for the business, change your processes, practice affirmations, etc., so that you can report back on how it went. I really appreciated the collaboration and the encouragement we received from one another, and I liked that it was a safe space to question and experiment, to challenge others' thinking and to be challenged myself. Coming out of it, I am amazed at how much influence I have to impact change."

Kimberly Mark — Administrative Assistant, Kevah (non-profit organization)

"Rep Applied has been phenomenally transformational in John’s and my life. I’m a high school English teacher, and John is an educational consultant. It really helped plant the seeds of change our hearts and jump-started our conversations and prayers about John switching careers. Prior to the course, John had been considering leaving his accounting position at PWC, but really felt that God was calling him elsewhere. During our time through Influence through Integration, John and I prayed and felt that God was leading him towards working with youth. A few months later, John ended up leaving his position at PWC to work at an educational firm to help students apply for college. Several months after that, Elton Lin (another rep alum) asked John to partner with him to provide educational counseling for youth. John and I have a shared vision now, the both of us working with youth and helping them find healing in a difficult time in life. We are constantly challenging each other to keep true to the kingdom principles we learned about in the class, and we pray for each other to have opportunities to bless our students. This class has brought John and I closer together, not just as ministry and marriage partners, but also as career partners. It’s amazing to see how God uses broken people like us to bring healing and hope to youth, and I know we wouldn’t be where we are now without going through the rep Applied training." 

John and Lyn Chen

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