Sunday 14 May 2015

We started Sunday by greeting our beloved Melissa who had arrived late in the night from Nairobi, one of the many destinations on her X-Ordinary Journey . Brett reviewed our agenda and route for the day from Cape Town to Stanford.  Our brave drivers took in his rapid fire directions, while Linh Ly wisely took notes. On departure we collected our chock-full goodie bag (boys' and girls' versions) from our host Rebecca, who'd already spoiled us with loving attention, luxury, and  beauty. Her explanation:   "Well, when you've received  so much from others as I have, you just want to do the same, don't you?"  Blessed to bless. 

 Our first stop was a view from St Lowry's pass back over the Cape Peninsula we'd traversed the day before. This was our first chance to greet Suneera who'd just  been collected from the airport and added to our caravan.  Her smile and warmth shone brightly on us all.  

 Our second stop was the Perergrine Farm shop where we found  jars of Gansbaai Heunig (honey), the product of one of our new clients.    

We indulged delicacies such as guava fruit roll-ups, dried mango, ostrich biltong (!), and of course coffee.

We stopped next at the seaside resort town of Hermanus. From a rocky point we saw a whole pod of porpoises swimming directly for, then around, and past us, leaping out and diving back into the water in elegantly repeating arcs


 Manuel suggested that we go shark diving. As this was his 51st time to make this suggestion in 1.5 days, he was christened and will forever more be known as "Shark Bait". 

As we went onward to Stanford, the trees gave way to more grasslands but still with vertiginous craggy mountains scattered throughout.  We next took a wander around very pretty, very pastoral Stanford


As it was Sunday, most things were closed resulting lovely commercial hush unknown to most of us.  Thankfully, a lovely tea shop was open and more cappuccino to be had. 

And then to Beloftebos Farm, the site of our venture for the next 1.5 weeks.  "Belofte" means vow or promise and "Bos" means farm (??),  a fitting name for a farm that's a favorite wedding destination..  We learned more about our clients and about each other as shared introductions with the "local" South African consultants. Each of us had a story of how God brought us to this very place at this very time, with more than a few miracles, visions, and dreams  paving the way.  One had been praying for Africa for years, another had had a dream of the Indian Consultants enjoying meal with all us and so they came at this prompting, with visas and finances provided through God's generous hands.  There had been a vision of bees, and a vision of mountains or strongholds brought low to small stones, easily removed from a field in preparation for a mighty sowing. We finished with  a beautiful meal in the big tent of meeting and were off to our many scattered cottages.

And so we began.